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“The collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber Pearl Harbor; an attack that would cause physical destruction and the loss of life. In fact, it would paralyze and shock the nation and create a new, profound sense of vulnerability.” (Leon Panetta, October, 11, 2012)

Whether you believe the hype or not, there are real attackers out there and they are looking for information. Intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), and protected health information (PHI) are all fair game. You know you need to protect your sensitive information so you implement security controls, but are they working? How do you know? Let ASG Consulting help you determine the effectiveness of your information security controls. We do not conduct checkbox audits. Instead, we break into your network and steal your data using the same tools and techniques as the attackers. We then work with you to fix the identified problems and strengthen your information security controls.

ASG Consulting can conduct whatever testing you need including, Social Engineering, Web Application Penetration Tests, Wireless Penetration Tests, Internal Penetration Tests, and External Penetration Tests.


If you need a real world test of your information security controls please contact us today.

ASG Consulting